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The Secret Life of Ipperwash Beach 0

18:04 Dec 05, 2017

from The Secret Life of Canada podcast. See link for original source: Ah, dock life—a crackling fire and the sound of loons on the water.... More Information » « Less Information

Ipperwash, Ontario

Sturgeon Bay fights itself to find itself 4

13:30 Aug 08, 2017

The Public Trust doctrine is a brilliant concept that was placed in many state constitutions with the understanding that we must all share these... More Information » « Less Information

Sturgeon Bay's West Waterfront

Where the Salmon Trout Flows Through a Culvert 0

11:01 Apr 17, 2017

As a poet and environmentalist, I am reporting from the fraying "edge of the wild" as our planet enters the critical Anthropocene... More Information » « Less Information

Eagle Mine, Dodge City, Marquette County, Michigan, United States of America

Kahnawake Students Protest Montreal Sewage Dump 4

12:13 Jan 07, 2016

The students of the Kahnawake Survival School walked out of class to protest the City of Montreal’s dumping of 8 billion litres of untreated... More Information » « Less Information

Kahnawake, Quebec, Canada

Humber Bay West point haiku 7

07:30 Aug 20, 2015

A Haiku for the waters on the morning of August 20, 2015: post downpour angry lake howls, plows, hurls sewage stain back onto shorelines... More Information » « Less Information

Humber Bay, Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario

Up Close: The Algae That Cut-Off Toledo's Water Supply 4

10:55 Sep 05, 2014

Most of us saw the satellite pics of Lake Erie's algae bloom that poisoned Toledo's water supply. But what does it look like face... More Information » « Less Information

Maumee Bay State Park, Ohio, USA

3-Eyed Fish Found in the Great Lakes 7

23:26 Mar 22, 2014

from the link below: Many theories have surfaced in the months since a three-eyed walleye fish affectionately dubbed "Third Eye Louie"... More Information » « Less Information

Lake Nipissing, Ontario, Canada

Turning Water Into a Product in Wakefield 6

01:34 Feb 26, 2014

from the linked article below: The Low Down newspaper reports that La Peche Mayor Robert Bussiere thinks the Wakefield spring on Valley Drive... More Information » « Less Information

Wakefield, QC J0X, Canada

A Toxic Tour: Reflections on a Visit to Chemical Valley 8

13:38 Nov 13, 2013

This video is compiled from audio and photographs that were taken by students from Earlham College on a field trip to Sarnia and Aamjiwnaang.... More Information » « Less Information

Sarnia, ON, Canada

Aamjiwnaang Cemetery 3

13:05 Nov 01, 2013

Below is an account of my visit to the Aamjiwnaang cemetery. This piece is a part of a Sociology/Anthropology class at Earlham College in Richmond,... More Information » « Less Information

Aamjiwnaang Cemetery, ON, Canada

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