Woodbine Beaches

by: Vanessa
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13:33 Aug 21 2013 Woodbine Beaches, Scarborough, ON M1P 4N7, Canada

Woodbine Beaches Woodbine Beaches Woodbine Beaches Woodbine Beaches Woodbine Beaches
Why should we work towards a Great Lakes Commons and how ?
Large sandy beach along the eastern shore of the Toronto waterfront. Close to residential area and many amenities, including playground for young children. This is an urban beach and is easily accessible from downtown hotels. Mixed use beach includes volleyball nets and playground for children. Lifeguarded daily from 11:30 to 18:30 with first aid equipment available. Part of the Discovery Walk educational tour. Woodbine is located at the bottom of Woodbine Avenue in the beach neighborhood of Toronto.

The Blue Flag program uses a commons approach to beach management and environmental stewardship. Blue Flag beaches have to be free to the public and wheelchair accessible, and the program encourages community involvement in the stewardship of our beaches. This is achieved through the Blue Flag criteria, which is divided into four categories: environmental education, water quality, environmental management and safety and services. In order to be awarded a Blue Flag, a beach must meet all 32 criteria.

Because the Blue Flag program is multi-faceted, it promotes partnerships between various levels of government, staff, community members and non-profits. In each Blue Flag community, the program is overseen by a volunteer beach management committee that monitors the beach and makes sure the criteria are being met. On the international level, the criteria are constantly reviewed and strengthened by experts from around the world. This voluntary, collaborative approach makes Blue Flag a unique and effective program for protecting our coastlines.


How are beaches a commons for you?
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