Turning Water Into a Product in Wakefield

by: paul baines
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01:34 Feb 26 2014 Wakefield, QC J0X, Canada

Why should we work towards a Great Lakes Commons and how ?
from the linked article below:

The Low Down newspaper reports that La Peche Mayor Robert Bussiere thinks the Wakefield spring on Valley Drive should be monetized for the municipality's gain.

Bussiere says, "The price of (bottled) water is more than gas, so the potential revenue could help (us realize) all our dreams."

His plan is to bottle and sell the water, while still allowing local residents to access the water for free. The revenue from the bottled water sales would go toward community projects or to offset the municipality's maintenance costs for the spring of $10,000 to $15,000 per year.

He has also stated that most of the water that flows underground is "lost" to the Gatineau River.

The mayor's plan doesn't appear to have much support.

Save Our Spring spokesperson Peter Andree says, "Increasingly we are told that we have to privatize and every use has to pay for the little bit of these public resources that we use. Well I believe ... that some things should be kept in common, shared in common and celebrated in common as our common resource."

He has noted, "There are fewer and fewer things that are free and accessible to all. The idea that everything has to get a price tag on it and be privatized and made into a money-making machine is what irks a lot of people."

What is happening in your community? Does it bottle water? Is there a growing amount of support or resistance for bottling it's local water supplies? Please share on the Commons Map what's important to you.
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