Drinking petrodollars: Community on the frontlines of extreme oil

by: paul baines
contact: paul@greatlakescommonsmap.org
03:00 Jul 9 2014 Marktown Park, East Chicago, IN 46312, USA

Why should we work towards a Great Lakes Commons and how ?
from the linked article - by Christine Geovanis.

At the foot of BP Whiting's tar sands refinery, along the shores of Lake Michigan, sits the century-old East Chicago, Indiana community of Marktown.

Three months ago, the Whiting refinery spewed 1,600 gallons of crude oil into the Great Lake, but critics charge that the March 24 malfunction is nothing compared to the potential disasters ahead if BP continues to game Indiana's regulatory system, dodging safety and environmental protections.

Meanwhile, BP has begun buying up and bulldozing properties in Marktown. Originally built in the 1890s to house steel workers' families and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Marktown happens to inconveniently lie directly within a potential blast zone should the plant experience a catastrophic failure.

...to read more see the linked article below.

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