Surrounding Water Tour 2015: early stop

by: Ben Weaver
11:44 Dec 16 2015 Houghton County, Michigan

Surrounding Water Tour 2015: early stop
Why should we work towards a Great Lakes Commons and how ?
One of the first stops on my Surrounding Water Tour this past summer (a 1400 mile bicycle and music tour around Lake Superior) was in Houghton MI. I performed in the Public Library and was hosted by the kind and dedicated people of FOLK, (Friends of the Land of the Keweenaw).

As with much of the UP (upper peninsula) a continuing threat to the health of Lake Superior is the impact of local mining. During my event we talked about the potential to live more creatively and seek other means for making a living that do not pose threats to our fresh water.

Here is a picture of my bike loaded with guitar and banjo in the Library. It was an inspiring evening and anyone who is interested in learning more about FOLK or what they do in the Houghton Are should reach out to them via the links here or to me.

Ben Weaver: Surrounding Water from Salsa Cycles on Vimeo.

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