Dispatch #4 from the Wastelands Folk Opera Tour: Lorain

by: Gus Ganley
contact: augustinganley@gmail.com
22:41 Aug 19 2017 Lorain, Ohhio

Dispatch #4 from the Wastelands Folk Opera Tour: Lorain
Why should we work towards a Great Lakes Commons and how ?

Dispatch from the Wastelands 4: Lorain from Children of the Wild on Vimeo.

Broadway Ave, Lorain's main thoroughfare -- occupied Erie/Iroquois land -- is emblematic of the Rust Best boom-and-bust. Massive storefronts idle and rot, while the legacy Palace Theatre travails to remain a vestige of culture.

Former employees of Lorain's U.S. Steel plant have gone fishing on the Black River. Meanwhile, at-risk teens are expressing themselves through art at the FireFish Arts Centre. The youth join Children of the Wild in guiding people through the empty alley-ways and parking lots of the post-industrial town with 'The Wastelands' folk opera.


"Let the tears rain of hope, Lorain, on this place
And may the floodplains of your creative arts
Revitalize the wastelands."

by Monica "Journey" Idom

A poetess by the name of Journey proclaims the above message with the wisdom and passion of a street preacher. Originally from Cleveland, OH, she found poetry while working with prison inmates and now teaches self-empowerment with fierce acceptance that many are hardpressed to find outside of FireFish Arts. Monica reaches beyond the frame of her own existence, considering every resident of Lorain a vital part of the whole. Revitalization is an antidote to depression; and since Lorain revived her, she devotes her life to bringing back this once booming town.
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