Dispatch #6 from the Wastelands Folk Opera Tour: Fond du Lac

by: Gus Ganley
contact: augustinganley@gmail.com
16:10 Aug 23 2017 Fon du Lac Reservation, Minnesota

Dispatch #6 from the Wastelands Folk Opera Tour: Fond du Lac
Why should we work towards a Great Lakes Commons and how ?

Dispatch from the Wastelands 6: Fon du Lac from Children of the Wild on Vimeo.

“Black Snake Bleeds” is the sixth dispatch from Children of the Wild’s The Wastelands tour, and the title of a song by Anishinaabe artists #Indianheadbandband from the Fond du Lac reservation in northern Minnesota. The video shows the artists performing on top of an exposed Enbridge oil pipeline on their reservation, intercut with publicly available company propaganda. Enbridge operates over 17,000 miles of crude pipelines in North America. Every pipeline leaks.

Regardless, these pipelines directly violate treaties signed by the United States, including among many the 1855 Treaty of Washington, which guarantees access to safe hunting, ricing, and fishing lands to the Ojibwe. Oil and gas pipelines underscore the colonization that the fossil fuel industry and its government wages daily against all sovereign peoples of the world.
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