Story: Truth Pies

by: Kathleen Heideman
18:39 Nov 13 2017 Manistique, MI

Story: Truth Pies Story: Truth Pies
Why should we work towards a Great Lakes Commons and how ?
Because water runs through our lives and will endlessly return, pure and flowing undiminished if we tend it with care, I am sending share #3510 to healer Margaret Comfort, with gratitude. Thank you for your tireless, wearifying work. I ask only that you continue. Thank you for baking pies and waffles and attending meetings and speaking truth, always, despite anger and fear, and with empathy. Thank you, Margaret, for guiding Save the Wild U.P., thank you for the Water Walk, thank you for song, and every burden you've laid down, and all the burdens you still carry forward on behalf of our howling, shimmering world. "Isn't it lovely?"
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