Story: Seeing Like A River

by: Kathleen Heideman
19:03 Nov 13 2017 Marquette, Michigan

Story: Seeing Like A River Story: Seeing Like A River Story: Seeing Like A River
Why should we work towards a Great Lakes Commons and how ?
Because "in order to be clear, the water must flow" I have sent shares #3508 and #3509 to wandering bard-cyclist Ben Weaver in appreciation for his album Sees Like a River. The stories and miles unfold with ease through your lyrics and urgent-heartbeat strumming. One could peddle or paddle forever, listening. Thank you, Ben, for encircling Lake Superior within the sacred loop of your paying-attention. Thank you for going and returning under your own power, like waves, trout, or thunderheads. Thank you for the critical work that you've yet to do.
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