Distributing Currency of Care in Chicago

by: Steve Ediger
contact: steveediger@gmail.com
19:34 Nov 13 2017 Chicago, Illinois

Distributing Currency of Care in Chicago
Why should we work towards a Great Lakes Commons and how ?
I'm Steve Ediger, working on the commons in Chicago. Among other projects, I'm a member of the Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network. As a signer of the Great Lakes Commons Charter, I received 10 currency of care notes and distributed them to individuals and organizations as follows:

Romina Castillo (#82-#84)
Openlands for their work on Openlands Lakeshore Preserve, stormwater management in flood-prone metropolitan areas, restorations across the Des Plaines River Watershed, and the Northwest Indiana Regional Greenways and Blueways Plan

Scott Beslow (#85-#86)
For his work at ChiHackNight on water, including the Chicago Fecal Report (documents measurement of e. coli on Chicago Beaches) https://chibeaches.herokuapp.com/

Melanie Eckner (#87-#88)
for her work at the Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network and Uptown Coastal Initiative including the Out and About Coastal Series with nine experiential, educational sessions that offered attendees rich opportunity for meaningful engagement with the ecology and culture of this Great Lakes coastal community.

Jennifer Caddick (#89-#90)
Alliance for the Great Lakes for their work on policy and education in sustaining the Great Lakes and to make them aware of other efforts like the Great Lakes Commons Charter
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