A True Water Champion

by: Kirsten Lyons
contact: stewardship@scriver.org
11:38 Dec 27 2017 Port Huron, Michigan

A True Water Champion
Why should we work towards a Great Lakes Commons and how ?
Who I am: I’m an environmentalist concerned about the current state of our society.

I gave Sheri Faust two Currency of Care notes because she is the person I think of when I think of water. Sheri has spent her life pursuing a healthy planet. She educates our youth and community about important environmental issues, implements projects that prioritize clean water actions, and manages a diverse array of environmental programs.

I hope Sheri will see my offer as a “thank you” for her many achievements and as encouragement to continue on her mission and work. I think the share no.’s I gave Sheri are 2747 and 2748.
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