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Distributing Currency of Care in Chicago 1

19:34 Nov 13, 2017

I'm Steve Ediger, working on the commons in Chicago. Among other projects, I'm a member of the Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network.... More Information » « Less Information

Chicago, Illinois

Story: Seeing Like A River 0

19:03 Nov 13, 2017

Because "in order to be clear, the water must flow" I have sent shares #3508 and #3509 to wandering bard-cyclist Ben Weaver in appreciation... More Information » « Less Information

Marquette, Michigan

Story: Truth Pies 0

18:39 Nov 13, 2017

Because water runs through our lives and will endlessly return, pure and flowing undiminished if we tend it with care, I am sending share #3510... More Information » « Less Information

Manistique, MI

Story: Prosperity + Lake Superior 0

19:10 Nov 11, 2017

Because it is critical that we re-examine the idea of water as commodity, extracted as if it were the same as copper, I am sending shares #3506... More Information » « Less Information

Brooklyn, New York City, New York

Story: Maiden Voyage 0

18:21 Nov 11, 2017

Because Lake Superior seeps and surges and howls into our Poetry! I used shares #3504 and #3505 to say "Thank You" to an incredible... More Information » « Less Information

Gordon, Michigan

Story: Remember the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act 0

17:19 Nov 11, 2017

Because water runs through us! I am sending shares #3502 and #3503 to an incredible woman, Pam Arnold, who is a Force Majeure: paddler, friend,... More Information » « Less Information

St Croix Wild & Scenic River, MN

Currency notes 7,8 0

21:55 Oct 12, 2017

Given to a worker of the Superior Watershed Association while she was tabling at an event in Red Cliff called the Watershed Symposium. She was... More Information » « Less Information

Red Cliff Reservation, Minnesota

Currency Notes 4,5,6 0

21:53 Oct 12, 2017

Since I handed out some notes wrong, I gave three to a woman who goes above and beyond in community service. She started a traveling climate... More Information » « Less Information

Cornucopia, Wisconsin

Currency Notes 3 and 10 0

21:50 Oct 12, 2017

These were given to a coworker who leads projects for Natural Resources. He lead a project on stream bank revitalization at a sacred site of... More Information » « Less Information

Red Cliff Reservation, Wisconsin

Currency Note 2 0

21:49 Oct 12, 2017

While carving at the Traditional Ways Gathering I had a great conversation with a gentleman who was reconsidering his lifestyle, the way we... More Information » « Less Information

Odanah, Wisconsin

11-20 of 131 Stories

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